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Here is a great place for you to give your opinion regarding Crimes Against Children.
We have been doing this a very long time,
in that, we cannot say the figure of children
that have been lost since we started but the
figures are great.,
I have always said one child, is one child too
many. I don't know how to react to any
acceptable kind of figure when it comes to our
children. What is worse is the
Crimes Against Children
seem to increase rather than decrease.
Our first desire was that each state in the
United states take a look at the crimes / The
Laws as they pertained to any form of neglect,
abuse, rape, abduction or soliciting pornographic
material of a children, pictures, graphics or still
shots of unclothed children or children in any
sexual act or meant to be used as for a sale for
the purpose of exploitation of
any child.
That any person who concealed individuals
from justice that were found in violation of any
of the crimes out lined here concerning a child,
they be also brought before the courts system,
with the laws in place to put responsible persons
in jail. There is absolutely zero tolerance regarding
Crimes Against Children, in that an offender
serves every single day of their sentence, no good
time, and no deals these people would be brought
to the fullest extent of the law in our nation.