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Welcome to our site!

Golden Nuggets is a new addition to the Better Tomorrows family, well, I say “new” these were being written since the year 2000 <<<<< there is more in the "About US" concerning the development process.


We hope and Pray that you like the site and it becomes a stop for you as @ Golden Nuggets ministers, speakers, fellow laymen and woman from all over the world, their work can be displayed here as on other sites for your personal and Spiritual Growth.

I am thinking about doing something I have not done in several years now, at one time Better Tomorrows used to write papers with "Readers" inserts Testimonies, struggles, personal growth achievements - etc. these that the reader experienced personally, then we would design a paper around the short story. I feel led to open the door to doing that again with Golden Nuggets.

There are many things going on right now and as many of you already know I have a disc disease, Nerve disorder to the right side of the body, so I do my best I can. This is my no means a complaint, I am greatly blessed, if fact, I said this to share something serious with you.

When Better Tomorrows was born the largest agenda was to share the True and Living word of God to those struggling. Struggling with what? oh how that word can cover an array of obstacles the enemy can put in a believers life.

If you know Christ as your Savior, you know of which I speak, the enemy of God will do all he can do to make yours and my life miserable. Why? Because the stakes are high, after all, it is about where you will spend eternity. Okok my point is God has used my life and readers lives around the world to help others see that we still serve a Living, Loving God that is very much in control no matter the Hate, anger, corruption and despair that make some people do very evil things.

We cannot hide from the truth around us we must become strong soldiers of Christ willing and able to stand firm on the True and Living word of God = The Bible, share that news so in the Day of Christ those we have reached may also share in the Kingdom of God --- When Jesus said He was going to prepare us a place, He intended we make every effort to bring as many people around us to the thrown of Glory that they also might see the Light of God's Love, the majestic Grace God has for them in their lives Today! Our hope is you share with us in this endeavor. 


Click the picture /\  this is a good video, this group made a video for our church out-reach homeless program it was awesome I still have the original someplace in the office. 


Better Tomorrows


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